You already made a significant investment when installing a high-quality floor from V-8 High-Performance Floors, but you should be protecting that investment with regular maintenance cleaning. And as you already know, cleaning your floor is quick and easy.

For many cases, V-8 High-Performance Floors are a breeze to clean up. First, regularly sweep to remove dust and other debris, and mop the surface with a gentle solution of soap and water. If scrubbing is necessary, use non-abrasive scrubbing pads, and rinse entirely using warm water.

In a larger space, it may be more efficient to use a machine scrubber. For these situations, keep the machine speeds on low, while still using non-abrasive pads and a solution of warm water and a gentle cleanser.

If you have spilled anything on your floor, you will be happy to know that many V-8 High-Performance Floors are extremely chemical resistant, so there is virtually no threat of seeing your floors ruined.

When using a new cleaner for the first time, take precautions. Test the fresh cleaning solution on a small, not easily seen area of the floor to confirm that the cleanser will not cause discoloration or harm the flooring surface.

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