Bar and Restaurant Flooring Can’t Catch a Break

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Spills and falls forever The floor in a bar or restaurant is easy to take for granted. While it may be fine for the patrons to ignore the floor, the owner and manager can’t enjoy the same luxury. In any area where there is a lot of foot traffic, eating, drinking, serving, cooking, and socializing

Goodbye Floor Bacteria!

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It’s every restaurant owner’s nightmare – cracks and crevices in grout, damaged concrete, carpet, and linoleum trap bacteria that grows and spreads throughout the environment. No matter how hard you try to disinfect these porous and damaged surfaces, there just isn’t a surefire way to mitigate the risk. Germs and harmful bacteria don’t stand a

How to be a Successful Contractor – Three Timely Tips

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In the world of YouTube videos and an undeniable DIY obsession, it can be tough to know when to take a job and when to walk away. Work is harder than ever to find. Homeowners want to be involved, sometimes to the point of creating impossible-to-meet expectations. Here are three things you must do to

One Day Installation!

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Don’t waste money on downtime – Choose V8 for your flooring  There are many unforeseen events that can force a restaurant, grocery store, gas station, or retail department store to temporarily close their doors. Forces of nature, failing infrastructure, city-wide power outages, and unreliable water supply are all serious issues that can cost a business

What to Expect With a Commercial Flooring Project

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Remodeling a business location is a big job no matter what sized business you are dealing with. When a business has several locations, multiple budgets, and tens of thousands of square feet spread across multiple cities, it can seem nearly impossible. Multiple locations may require travel time and costs, so be prepared to make allowances

Grocery Store Floors Take a Beating! Which Floor is Best?

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Open 24 hours, exposed to heat and cold, caked with sand and dirt in the summer and salt in the winter, the floors we take for granted but depend on to be sanitary, slip-resistant, and beautiful are in grocery stores and gas stations. Here are just a few essential characteristics of ideal gas station and

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